I am a Philosophy Lecturer at the University of Southampton.

I work on topics in empirically informed philosophy of mind/psychology and aesthetics.

Before coming to Southampton I taught at the universities of St Andrews and Oxford (Brasenose College) and spent a year as a Research Fellow at Bence Nanay’s Centre for Philosophical Psychology in Antwerp.

I am the current treasurer of the British Society of Aesthetics and a leaf-editor for PhilPapers.org.

Here you can find information about my research, publications and teaching.

You can write to me at: D.Cavedon-Taylor@soton.ac.uk


Topics of current research interest in philosophy of mind and psychology:

  • Cognitive penetration
  • High-level perception
  • Indirect perception (i.e. perceiving X by perceiving Y)
  • Mental imagery
  • Multimodal perception
  • Non-visual senses (especially touch and olfaction)
  • Perceiving absences
  • Psychopathology and the imagination

Topics of current research interest in aesthetics:

  • Anti-empiricist and achievement-based accounts of aesthetic value
  • Attention in aesthetic experience
  • Photography
  • Street art

Philosophy of Mind and Psychology
Naive Realism and the Cognitive Penetrability of Perception Forthcoming in Analytic Philosophy
High-Level Perception and Multimodal Perception  Forthcoming in H. Logue and L. Richardson (eds.) Purpose and Procedure in Philosophy of Perception
Odors, Objects and Olfaction American Philosophical Quarterly 2018
Touching Voids – Review of Philosophy and Psychology 2017
Kind Properties and the Metaphysics of Perception – Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 2015
Seeing and Retinal Stability – Philosophical Psychology 2013
Perceptual Content and Sensorimotor Expectations – Philosophical Quarterly 2011
Still Epiphenomenal Qualia – Philosophia 2009

Symposium on the 50th Anniversary of Kendall Walton’s “Categories of Art.” – Forthcoming in Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism
Aesthetic Salience vs Kantian Disinterest – Forthcoming in S. Archer (ed.) Salience: A Philosophical Inquiry. Routledge.
Reasoned and Unreasoned Judgment – British Journal of Aesthetics 2017 (Included in OUP’s Best of 2017 Philosophy Collection)
Photographic Phenomenology as Cognitive Phenomenology – British Journal of Aesthetics 2015
Belief, Experience and the Act of Picture Making – Philosophical Explorations 2014
Photographically Based Knowledge – Episteme 2013
The Space of Seeing-In – British Journal of Aesthetics 2011
In Defence of Fictional Incompetence – Ratio 2010
The Epistemic Status of Photographs and Paintings – Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 2009

Reviews and other research
Putting Imagery in its Place – The Junkyard: A Scholarly Blog Devoted to the Study of Imagination 2018
The First Sense by M. Fulkerson and Does Perception Have Content? by B. Brogaard (ed.) – Philosophical Quarterly 2015
The Aesthetic Mind by E. Schellekens and P. Goldie (eds.) – Mind 2013
Interview with Aaron Meskin on Aesthetics and Popular Art – Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics 2011


Current teaching at Southampton:

  • PHIL 1019: Puzzles about Art and Literature
  • PHIL 1002: Knowledge and Mind
  • PHIL 1005: Ethics

Syllabi for Oxford philosophy papers/modules, complete with essay questions and lists of key issues:

Other modules I’ve taught (in whole or part), at St Andrews or London, the latter while a PhD student:

  • Epistemology and Methodology
  • Language and Reality
  • Philosophy of Mind and Psychology
  • Philosophy of Perception
  • Philosophical Texts
  • Value and Normativity

Selected Talks

Aesthetics Research Centre Seminar – University of Kent
Purpose and Procedure in Philosophy of Perception – University of Leeds
Early Career Mind Network Forum – Durham University
Aesthetics Research Seminar – Uppsala University
Absence Perception Workshop – University of Antwerp
The Contents of Experience – University of Manchester
The London Aesthetics Forum – Institute of Philosophy
Aesthetics, Normativity and Reasons – University of Kent
Philosophy of Perception and the Arts – Institute of Philosophy
The Philosophy of the Philosophy of Art – University of St Andrews
Pacific APA Main Programme Symposium
Episteme Annual Conference
British Society for the Philosophy of Science Annual Conference
British Society of Aesthetics Annual Conference
Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and Mind Association